Concert Ticket

-By Samarth

Live concerts seem to have a wonderful magic of their own. While you anxiously wait for the bands to start as they are busy setting up their drum snares and tuning their guitars, you start to wonder whether the band’s live act will sound better than the studio album versions.

The concert doesn’t usually start with the featured headliner band.  Instead the opening-act are the first to take over the stage and they are responsible for setting up an enthusiastic atmosphere among the crowd and getting them excited for the famous headliner band. Every well known band today, whether it is The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or any other band you can think of, were an opening act for another bands at some point of time in their career.

Soon the opening acts are off the stage and the featured band for the evening takes over the stage. The crowd can hardly control their excitement at this moment of time because they get to see their idols right in front of them who otherwise can only be seen on TVs, interviews or magazine covers. You can hear a huge roar in the crowd with the very first strum of chords and soon the evening starts transforming into an once-in-a-lifetime experience of pure musical extravaganza.

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